Aermec: 50 years in search of the ideal climate


Giordano Riello founded Riello Condizionatori, a company which initially only produced for third-parties. Here begins the history of the company.


The Aermec brand was created and characterised all products by the company, that soon began to design and builds its own devices. The brand increasingly and successfully promoted the company's own products and identified it in Italy and Europe.


Even in these years, Aermec was capable of delivering cool and warm air with a single appliance. Aermec launched the first dual section conditioner. It paved the way for the "split-system". Production of fan coils began.


The 1980s saw the production of water to water chillers and air handling units.


The 1990s marked the definitive consolidation of the company. The Aermec brand identified high-tech products with sophisticated design.


The brand was turned into a company. On the 1st of January, Aermec became the name of the company in addition to continuing to characterise its products.


Aermec consolidated its market leadership in the production of fan coils and created the technological and production base for strong growth even with high-power conditioning machines.


Design and technology: Aermec launched OMNIA, new generation fan coils for the residential sector. The Omnia HL is the result of collaboration with the international designer: Giugiaro.


The international market demanded numbers and Aermec responded. Giordano Riello reset the production system with revolutionary flexible robotics. High productivity, quality and assistance: the Aermec success formula continued...


Aermec consolidated its position on world markets with plant machines. A series of models capable of responding to all the needs of designers.


Aermec met global energy saving and environment protection challenges with increasingly more efficient systems.


Aermec extends the use of inverter technology on its fan coils and chillers. The perfect integration of the new inverter technology with the most sophisticated control systems is best expressed in the VMF (Variable Multi Flow) Hydronic System - a new way to interpret comfort in the home and elsewhere.


Aermec is now well established and organized in Europe, in North Africa and in the Middle East with its own subsidiary companies in Germany, France and England. There is also an active representative office In Moscow in order to compete in the Russian market. It has been awarded the "Good Design Award" by The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design thanks to its commitment to developing a well conceived design for the panel VMF-E4.