TRA - Cooling Towers

Cooling capacity: 49.53 to 1,084.88 kW.
Evaporative cooling tower in fibreglass treated with protection against atmospheric agents. Available in 17 different sizes (standard or low-noise) with an inspection hatch fitted as standard.


The cooling towers of the TRA series are used in all cases where it is necessary to chill water to a temperature near the ambient air wet bulb temperature.

They are particularly suitable for use in areas poor of water.

The range is available in 17 models with a nominal rating of 49.53 to 1084.88 kW.

  • Available in 17 different sizes
  • Entirely built of fibre-glass reinforced resin to avoid corrosion problems with surface treatment to withstand ultraviolet rays, heat changes and scuffing caused by bad weather
  • Limited to the three largest sizes (TRA 850, 950 and 1100) the bearing structure is made of hot galvanised steel with 22mm thick fibreglass reinforced resin sandwich panels, with support foam material inside. In this way, as well achieving good mechanical strength the sound of the water flowing is muffled. Surface treatment to withstand ultraviolet rays, heat changes and scuffing caused by bad weather.
  • Self-bearing structure
  • Exchange pack and drip separator made of self-extinguishing PVC
  • PVC water distribution pipes with polypropylene nozzles
  • Hydrometer (when there is not water flow rate measuring device, this instrument makes possible to have an approximate indication of the flow rate of the water in circulation based on the nozzle load drop)
  • Plastic bleed cock
  • Axial high efficiency fan with several blades
  • Water drip pan, waterproof and water resistant made of fibreglass reinforced polyester resin with multi layer glass material
  • Personal protection grill made of AISI 304 on the fan outlet