Heating capacity: 0.91 to 2.52 kW.
Thermo Convectors.
Floor installation.


Aermec presents the brand new natural convection heating system in the CLIMAFON system.

CLIMAFON is born from long experience in the heat exchange field gained within the Giordano Riello International Group, a group in which Aermec is the leading company.

CLIMAFON is a system terminal that works on the basis of natural convection: the air is heated through an exclusive finned exchange and is sent into the room through a flue effect.

  • Enhanced Comfort: CLIMAFON heats rooms quickly and naturally because it basis its operation on air moved by simple convection. The use of CLIMAFON with low temperature heating systems (heat pump, condensation boiler, geothermal and solar...) ensures that the rooms are heated without drying the air. It causes a pleasant sensation of well-being that helps to survive even the longest and harshest winters in total relaxation.
  • Best quality of the air we breath: the air temperature of the air leaving CLIMAFON is such as not to allow the toasting of the powder in the environment. The result is healthy, clean air. In addition to our health, winners also include the walls of our house (CLIMAFON spells the end to the blackening of walls typical of radiator systems).
  • Energy saving: the innovative finned exchanger ensures high energy efficiency thanks the possibility of effective use at low temperatures of the warm supply water.
  • Operation at full capacity achieved more quickly: CLIMAFON has much smaller water content. This enables it to be very fast in heating times and permits it to be used only where it is useful. The speed it takes CLIMAFON to reach full capacity operation has been checked by TÜV (world leader in product assessment and verification).
  • Greater security: CLIMAFON's outer surface reaches a top temperature of 43°C, a value that is totally harmless for our body (the risk of burning is nil). Its rounded form without sharp edges makes the room a safer environment especially for children.
  • Greater care to appearance: the soft flowing, modern and elegant lines give CLIMAFON greater appeal that enables it to be integrated with all types of furnishing whether it is traditional or modern.
  • Easier and faster installation: CLIMAFON is much lighter than a radiator with the same capacity; just one person is needed to handle and install it quickly and easily on all types of wall. CLIMAFON is fitted with an installation template that means the unit can be assembled after the building work has been completed. Costly masonry work typical of radiator installation is avoided: just four blocks are required for fixing CLIMAFON to the wall.
  • Electronic regulation: CLIMAFON, in its complete version, has a built in thermostat with temperature that can be regulated by the user. The thermostat controls an interior motor that opens and closes the deflector interrupting the supply of heat. This system is powered by a normal 9 volt battery (a life of up to three years operation before replacement is necessary) that makes CLIMAFON completely autonomous without the need for connection to the mains.