Cooling capacity: 1.90 to 11.00 kW.
Heating capacity: 2.30 to 13.00 kW.
Fan coils for cassette installation. Designed for air treatment in ON/OFF systems in the commercial or industrial sector. Can be combined with any heat generator.


The FCL cassette type fan coil is a terminal for the conditioning of air in a room. The FCL concentrates high technological and functional features that make it the ideal means for air conditioning for all environments. The supply of conditioned air is distributed throughout the room; FCL generates heat if included in a heating system with boiler or heat pump but may also be used in the summer as an air conditioner if the heating system has a water chiller.

The unit is mounted in a suspended-ceiling with the possibility of sending conditioned air to adjacent rooms and introducing external air independently from unit ventilation.

The basic FCL unit is available in two versions, for two-pipe and four-pipe systems.

  • 7 sizes for versions with 2 pipes: FCL 32-36-42-62-82-102-122
  • 7 sizes for versions with 4 pipes: FCL 34-38-44-64-84-104-124
  • Standard preparation with standard internal three-way valve, with fast connection actuator and position visual signalling.
  • FCL_V2 Preparation (available upon request), with internal two-way valve, suitable for variable water flow rate systems.
  • FCL_VL Preparation (available upon request), without internal valve.
  • 3 configurations on one cassette type fan coil:
    • louvers that can be oriented by means of a remote control and electronic control if installed to accessory GLL 10 M;
    • with remote control, louvers that can be oriented manually and by means of electronic control if installed to GLL 10 R;
    • with louvers that can be oriented manually if installed to accessory GLL 10, fitted with wall-mounted control panel;
  • High design aesthetics.
  • Fan designed for low sound emissions.
  • 3-speed and 4-speed axial-centrifuge fan unit for larger sizes (FCL 42-44-62-64-82-84-102-104-122-124), to be able to select the 3 speeds that better meet delivered power requirements and quiet operation.
  • Load-bearing structure reinforced with a galvanised steel side band.
  • Internal elements insulated with expanded polystyrene obtained in injection presswork for noise reduction and air routing.
  • Condensation drip tray in one piece, with V0 self-extinguishing level and overmoulding to insulation in expanded polystyrene with flame retardant additive.
  • Thermal exchanger with shaped profile to increase exchange surface.
  • Continuous fan operation to prevent stratification of room air.
  • Possibility of direct release of external air regardless of indoor unit ventilation.
  • Possibility to control the climate of adjacent rooms as well.
  • Air filter easily removed and cleaned, self-supporting structure, characterised by a high efficiency and low pressure drops, with class-V0 fire resistance (UL 94).
  • Electrostatically pre-charged air filter regenerated with class-2 fire resistance (UL 900), (accessory).
  • Full compliance with safety regulations.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.