Cooling capacity: 0.84 to 2.83 kW.
Heating capacity: 2.00 to 5.94 kW.
Flush-mounting wall installation template for fan coils. Available in 2 versions: CHU-L, to be combined with Omnia UL-P fan coils, and CHF for FCX-P, FCX-PV and FCXI-P fan coils.


VentilCassaforma is a galvanised template that makes it possible to make a space to house fancoils for the residential Omnia UL-P, in the wall.

The template will make masonary work easier during the construction of niche where the fancoils will be installed.

When the work is finished, this fancoilwill be completely hidden from view.

VentilCassaforma has been designed to respond to the needs to rationalise spaces to suit modern interior architecture.

Four sizes available, corresponding with four different sizes of Omnia UL-P fancoil.

VentilCassaforma consists of several parts:

  1. Recess CHU box;
  2. Closure panel.

Made of galvanised steel, this is the box housing the fancoil.

CHU is recessed in the wall at the building stage and makes it much easier to make the niche for the system terminal.

To hide the piping the cassaforma fan coil comes as standard with steel masking plates.

Closure panel

Made of steel that can be painted over along with the wall.

It has no air intake slits and is part of the equipment, making it possible to customize the panel according to the material, appearance and color required.