Omnia HL

Cooling capacity: 0.84 to 2.83 kW.
Heating capacity: 2.00 to 5.90 kW.
ON/OFF fan coils for universal installation in the residential sector, for heating, cooling and dehumidification. Can be combined with any heat generator.


The OMNIA HL (High Line) fancoil, with its characteristic design by Studio Giugiaro, offers an array of technical features that make it the ideal climate-control unit for all types of applications.

Treated air is immediately delivered to the entire room; the OMNIA HL produces warm air when fitted to a heating system with boiler or heat pump, but can also be used during the summer season as an air-conditioning unit (if the main system is also equipped with a water chiller).

The quality of processed air is guaranteed by a special electrostatically pre-charged filter that absorbs and traps suspended dust particles (when the unit is off, a closed louver prevents dust and other foreign particles from entering the unit interior). The removable drip tray and removable fan volute ensure the cleaning of the unit (made by personnel with the necessary technical skills), essential for installations in venues subject to crowding or in those with special hygiene requirements.

The new centrifugal fan assembly is so quiet that during standard operation it's virtually impossible to hear when the OMNIA HL starts up.

With its large range of accessories, easily installed either vertically or horizontally, water connections can be reversed as required during installation and remote control panel, the OMNIA HL fancoil is designed to satisfy all installation types.

Full compliance with safety regulations.

Routine maintenance is limited to periodic cleaning of the air filte.

PLASMACLUSTER ionising filter (only for HL PC- HL PCM).

Plasmacluster is capable of reducing the level of pollutants, by decomposing the molecules that form them.

Using a series of electric shocks, "Plasmacluster" causes the water molecules present in the air to separate into positive and negative ions. These ions neutralise the gas pollutant molecules, forming products that are normally present in clean air.

The result is in the air: you can finally breath clean, odour-free ionised air.

  • HL (High Line) fan coils for both horizontal and vertical installation
  • 4 sizes and 2 versions:
    • HL: white body with switch
    • HL M: metallic grey body with switch
    • HL C: white body with electronic thermostat
    • HL CM: metallic grey body with electronic thermostat
    • HL L: white cabinet with Self-Closing Louver and electronic thermostat
    • HL LM: grey cabinet with Self-Closing Louver and electronic thermostat
    • HL PC: white body with electronic thermostat and Plasmacluster filter (factory-mounted only)
    • HL PCM: metallic grey body with electronic thermostat and Plasmacluster filter (factory-mounted only)
    • HL S: white body with no on-board controls
    • HL SM: metallic grey body with no on-board control
  • EUROVENT certified
  • 3-speed centrifugal fan
  • Very quiet operation
  • Aesthetically styled with soft flowing lines
  • New adjustable air delivery louver
  • Automatic power-off function with closure of the air delivery louver
  • Slim dimensions
  • Electronic temperature control, automatic fan speed change, automatic season changeover and automatic on - off (with electronic thermostat)
  • Water connections reversibility during installation
  • Low pressure drop across heat exchanger
  • Motors with permanently connected condensers
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Full compliance with safety regulations