Large Capacity Fan Coil Units

Consisting of a powerful fan and a heat exchange element, thermoventilating units are ideal machines for summer air conditioning and winter heating of the home and of any room. The Fan assembly is designed to push the air into ducts through which the treated air enters various rooms at the same time. Fed with chilled water coming from a chiller, they make the air of the rooms fresh, dry and clean in a very short time and with great energy efficiency; fed with hot water coming from a heat pump or from a common boiler, they supply dry, economical heating during the winter season.

Cooling capacity: 0.90 to 4 kW. Heating capacity: 3.60 to 17 kW. Units for sensible air treatment. Floor, ceiling or duct installation.
Cooling capacity: 1.5 kW. Heating capacity: 2.96kW. UFBW is a unit consisting of a fan unit with brushless inverter motor, enclosed in a metal structure with mixing chamber equipped with motor-driven damper, electro-static filter and electronic card. This unit is designed to be used in a floating floor, used as an channel for treated air. It is often used in offices or equipment rooms for data centres or similar.
Cooling capacity: 4.70 to 33.50 kW. Heating capacity: 14.20 to 28.90 kW.
Cooling capacity: 4.85 to 24.80 kW. Heating capacity: 9.80 to 52.06 kW.
Cooling capacity: 4.90 to 22.30 kW. Heating capacity: 10.40 to 45.40 kW.
Cooling capacity: 4.50 to 40.00 kW. Heating capacity: 14.00 to 87.50 kW.
Cooling capacity: 15.60 to 155.10 kW. Heating capacity: 25.20 to 334.10 kW.